she gave me hearts

So while I was away In hospital back in may  , I lost some of My blogging jobs understandably as None knew where I had gone as far as they knew I just wasnt blogging , Its taken alittle while to get back incontact with people But yay i am back blogging for we ❤ to Blog  I missed it actually so I am really lgad to get back started again, Ooh and so many cute new designers , Lots and lots of new designers I was so excited to see ,

The first items I am going to Blog is From a designer called Rowena Springflower and I loved the details in her skirt and top, it fitted beautifully and the hud was really easy to use, 5 color options for each section each section is shirt, laces, skirt panel, and laces, I loved the color combination  but u most certainly can play with this and come up with a few combinations I havent ,

As far as I can gather she only has a marketplace store  so pop on by and give her a visit she one designer I think your really gonna like and we will see great things from in the future.

mellony skirt & topwhat hazy Is wearing…

makeup-eyeshadow spray(candy) By Mons

eyes-voodoo(siren) By Buzz @The fantasy Collective

hair-Jinx( Pastels) By Truth

bangles-indra painted Stacked bangles By Zaara

necklace, ring , earings-Love BY [E.C] Jeweler

kirt &top- mellony By Rowena Springflower

hands- casual By slink

ooh and lastly but most certainly not least is the pretty pose I used BY Something New this woman is brilliant always making new poses U most certainly wont get board of the same old poses they always so diffrent from all the rest haha U guys Know I love them dont you I wont bang on at you but be sure to hop on by and see what she got in store for ya xxxxxx



6 thoughts on “she gave me hearts

    • yes yes thanx whitburn I spoke to her last night and she was really helpful and told me i hang my head in shame now:)))

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