She a Restless Spirit on an Endless Night

oooh I soooooooo Love this round at The fantasy collective Voodoo so much brilliant stufff I spent all my lindens  and still I dont think I  got  half way round . I had to make myslef leave as I was tempted to buy more lindens Soo I said hazy walk alway , just walk away !!!!! hahahhahaha so walk away I did (but I do still have alil time to go back Don’t I ??)

voodoo 11voodoo 8

voodoo 6


voodoo 5


and the perfect song for this round


What Hazy wears

dress-neviah by !cellar door

staff-witch doctor by DRD @ The Fantasy Collective

crown , collar , and braclette -voodoo crown by sweet lies @ The Fantasy Collective

Collar-kara leather collar ( black & gold) By Noodles @ we ❤ roleplay

necklace-blood vial/fang jewellery by Izzie’s @ The Fantasy Collective

hands- casual By slink

eyes- voodoo eyes(nebula) By Buzz @  The fantasy Collective

Makeup- eyeshadow Hippie (purple) By Mons

makeup-deardriu facepaints &piercings byHOD @ We<3 roleplay

earings-arsenal by Remarkable Oblivion

hair-dream of paradise by Exile

Pose Used- fantasy by Quixotica


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