Can You see the witch??

so I poped along to the fantasy collective  and ooh boy ooh boy I spent a fortune Soo much wonderful items the them for this round is New Orleans! Think Witchcraft, Voodoo, Vampire’s, French Quarter, Mardi Gras, Papa Guédé, All Saints Day, ‘The Originals’. and i soo love anyhitng witchy  how can you not , Its fantasy is fun  and a chance to really play out your childhood charictures .

I went for this look as pretty simple as the head piece was so pretty I didnt want to defect from that too much  would you like to see what I came up with for you ?? ahh get on with the pictures I hear you say hehhhe!!!

fantasy collective

witches lair  sitting

majic spellswhat hazy is wearing…

ears- sylphy ears By Illusions

hands- casual By Slink

necklace-blood vial/fang jewellery By Izzie’s @ The Fantasy Collective

Hair-venus:moonlight By Exile

outfit -Macha by !Cellar Door

book- spellbook with snake By *May’s soul* @ The Fantasy Collective

skin-portia by Al Vulo

eyes- voodoo eyes(nebula) By Buzz @  The Fantasy Collective

makeup-eyeshadow spray (Green ) By mons
Makeup- eyeshadow spray (purple) By Mons (i combined the two together)

earings-arsenal earrings By Remarkable Oblivion

piercing- Constantine gold By Sinful creations

boots-destroyer of the worlds by Snow boa

crown-crown of the bayou By Spyralle @ The Fantasy Collective


Im already started my second outfit from the fantasy collection so watch this space hugs Love you guys xxxxx hazy xxxx



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