lets me introduce You to the circus freak Bloggers Of SL!!!!



group Pic BY Mena Lancaster

group Pic BY Mena Lancaster


group Pic By susanna  Drechsler

group Pic By susanna Drechsler

Well what fun we had  this afternoon, as you know today was the day that a group of bloggers got together and took a group shot  Its called the Mob Blogger Project. We are going to post links for all the others and put the credits for our own outfits for you ,It was fun to meet other bloggers in person  , as any blogger knows this can become a lonley world as we are so focused on what we do and spend most our time nakie while we sort through for the outfit to wear , that we hardly get the time for socializing , I know by the tim e i have finished after editing the pics and writing the blog im am always fit straight for my bed .

The poses where beutifully set out , all the poses used where from Chanimations Photography Poses & Props the set was wonderful , everyone looked very stylish indeed, I was worried that one or two of us might have doubles of the costumes but thankfully none did ,each and everyone was very individual  and beautifully styled ,I so cant wait to see the other blog posts

Soo we hope that this willl really take of and become a monthly event (any more bloggers that would like to be part of this Contact mena Lancaster inworld) if any designers are intrested In joining in also contatct Mena  and we will keep you Informed to what next months theme will be….

SOO here are my pics Im only On a small laptop so its hard for me to fit all into the screen so I tend to  focus on one or two more than a full group shot but I did get a couple in. First here is Mena”s Picture then susanna’s then the rest are mine:))


group  bloggers 1


group  bloggers 2


group  bloggers 3


group  bloggers 4




group  bloggers 6


group  bloggers 8


group  bloggers 9


group  bloggers 10

group  bloggers 12


group  bloggers 13


group  bloggers 14


group  bloggers 15


group  bloggers 16


group  bloggers 17It was so Fun Im so looking forward to the next one !!! if your intrested for next months group pic PLease do contact mena Lancaster in world  , the bigger this gets the more fun it will be  , But  great turn out for the first one  and well done everyone Looked fantastic !!!







hazy in the big topcircus tentWhat hazy is Wearing..

ears-sylph By *Illusion*

hands and feet Casual and High By Slink

facepaints-Mueertos makeup by Little Pricks

necklace-your love is my drug by Little Pricks

Hair-dream of paradise BY Exile

key In back-doll rose Key by Dirtyland Clothing and Accesories

shoes- lace peep toe wedge By !(HR 2.0)! I cannot find the link to this store

dress and Hat- cirque de Boudoir by Boudoir

The two end pictures the poses used by me The muse poses

all the other pictures Poses Used where Chanimations photography Poses and Props

Now for the links to all the others  Bloggers that where in these pictures Blogs

here goes enjoy as really are some fantastic Photographers here You will be blown away by their work I know I was

Mena lancaster-http://thenewestwrinkles.wordpress.com/ ( the one On the bar hanging upside down above the elephant :))

RikkeBa ( on the Chair) – http://theworldofba.wordpress.com/

кąгąʟεε DANGER ἶɾօղჩεმɾძ ( other one in the cage)- [http://nobodydoesitlikekaralee.wordpress.com/

Eadwynn Tyrell ( beared lady In the cage) – http://barbieshit.wordpress.com/

Tasja Rage ( elephant trainer) – http://wtfisshewearing.wordpress.com/

ڪบzϊ ℒบbϊτɨʂɔӇ( on the ball in front of the ele) – http://susannedrechsler.wordpress.com

and me balancing on the ball :))

WiccanBeauty (on the floor )- http://wickedblogz.wordpress.com/

and lastly thanx  girls that was so much fun  and have loved reading all of your blogs and wonderful pics xxxxx Much Love Hazy



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