well I have some exciting news

There is a new thing starting its totally in the experimental stage but I am convinced it will work. Its called the Monthly Mob I think It will be great fun basically its the Idea of mena Lancaster she feels there is so many great bloggers all with their own individual style  , and the Idea is to get all together In one post.

The first Theme is Gonna be Freak Show ( and wow I love this theme) the isuggestion came up with from Heather Fury.

Group Photo will be taken on:
Sunday August 24th @ 12pm SLT
(Date and Time are flexible if enough people can’t make it let mena Know).


There would be 1 large group photo taken we’d all use in a blog posts, and then of course our own shots of ourselves to detail out our own individual outfit. Linking, liking, tagging, and reblogging to each other’s posts (even though most of us already do that).

Collaboration on creating the photo background/setting would be hugely helpful and anyone interested in helping with that would be forever loved. mena has played with the idea of doing a flickr as well if this becomes a -thing-. which we know it will right??)

Anyways .. if you’re interested in taking part please let mena Lancaster  know.
Also feel free to toss this over to any other bloggers you respect and admire who might be interested in taking part. as maybe there not much time left for this month but this plans to be a monthly thing  so the more intrest the better!!!





soo Hurry nad contact Mena If your intrested to get involved with this months one Or any of the following ones .\

I personally cant wait and have my outfit ready and waitiing So watch this space ….


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