Little Red Indian

When I was a kid I was always on the side of the indians , I hated the cowboys , the Indians lifestyle looked so romantic and ( yeah i know they where getting killed by cowboys) but on the whole they seamed to have such a wonderful life, So when I saw these poses By Something New  for the Wild west fair Starting August, 22th 2014 – September, 5th 2014 Theme: Western a new modern, sexy style OOh what fun And look at thse poses How can you not love them

first we have The Indian Princess

indian princess 1

indian princess 2

indian princess 3

indian princess 4

indian princess 5

indian princess 6

indian princess 7

What hazy wears..

makeup-warpaints gacha- tribal by Bite& claw

necklace-squash blossom necklace native american by Inca temple

hair- white feather by Emo-tions

outfit-azza by Songfeather

Pose and Props Indian Princess By Something New    @ The wild west fair



then we have cowgirl For these pics its for a` child avatar so I made a really quick teenage avi and this woirked too I think


cowgirl 3

cowgirl 2

cowgirl 4


cowgirl 5

The Pony made me laugh he look like he might colapse at any moment  But thankfully he made it through!!!!

What Teenage Hazy Is wearing…

outfit cow girl Norma` jean by alines Ryba MIA

hair- white feather by Emo-tion

pose and props – cowgirl By something New   @ wild west fair

and last but not least is the Sheriff poses Now I only had one of me didnt have anyone to coem on and be the shooter so I played around with this picture and came up with this :))sheriff kill

sheriff shootingOutfit is same as in the cowgirl pics so I wont repeat myself:))

Pose and props Sheriff By Something new @ wild west fair also Blog for the wild west fair

so see you at the fair that is starting this friday and some great stuff to be had have fun  hazy xxxx


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