Spirit of the water

b&c dress 1

b&c dress 2

b&c dress f5

b&c dress f3

b&c dress 6

b&c dress 4

Bite & Claw have another special dress for you at We<3 roleplay . My charicture is  a spirit of the water , she comes to the land once a year on a full moon and  dances around the land on this  very one night , she will draw unsuspecting gentlemen to the water edge and lure them in , as she is always hunting for her husband , but really she never gets one as they die  by her first touch of her frozen hand and her long green nails. what she didnt know if the men came to her of their own free will she would land her self a true husband . but year after year she leads this merry dance on the land and slowly becomes more and more twisted through not understanding she so didnt need to trick these men in this way.

do pop on down to the We ❤ roleplay there is alot of beautiful items for your many roleplay needs

what hazy wears

dress-diandra gown by Bite& Claw in 7 colourseach with a standard and dipped version. dipped gowns feature a contrasting dip effect around the base of the skirt. both are included in each colour pack. gowns will be the usual 30 % throughout the event. to be had at we ❤ role-play

makeup -deardriu facepaints by HOD @ we ❤ role-play

makeup- war paints by Bite& claw ( gatcha item)

hair-penny || by ploom

bracletts-kabuki by Mandala

necklace-gold glades by Soedara

skin-D!va by (Red)Mint









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