off I went to We ❤ roleplay and bought a bunch of items that i havent even tried oln yet so that will be coming next week . first I want to show you from wishbringer a really cute garden day swing it has 7 female sits , 7 male sits and 3 couple sits it was adorable and to be had at we ❤ roleplay

wishbringer 4

wishbringer 3

wishbringer 2

wishbringer 1

I then have to show you the elemental staffs from Bite&Claw  I love them So we have earth, air, fire,water so I delved into my inventry and came up with my shamanistic look for you I hope you like it as I loved it and want to stay dressed like this for ever hehhee!!! sadly the main bulk of my outfit isnt available now sadly as I bought it a few years ago and its so well made considering its not mesh sadly is one designer that could be doing amazing things :((

so here let me show you these great staffs  they come one without animation and one with so I’m presuming you can add your own anims if you want, I didnt try I used the ones already animated or I used some of my poses.
















In the last 5 pictures hazy is wearing

makeup- dearidu facepaints 7 piercings  by HOD for we ❤ Roleplay

makeup- warpaints by Bite&Claw

hair- rula by Emo-tions

necklace-isis solar magic by maxi gossamer

headpiece -neviah crown by !cellar door

main outfit- Haud deus Now not available

cloak-spirit cloak by reikai (old we<3 roleplay)

elamentalist staff By Bite & Claw earth,air,wind,fire  for totally top shelf soon to come I will keep you informed

pictures taken at Revenland RPG










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