I am back folks

Ok I gotta take this easy But i am back from hospital I am so much better and i have missed sl so much and I missed my blogging like you wouldnt belive and I know u have all missed me !!!! Havent u all ??

hahaha well we having a great summer this year which for the UK is very unusual so try7ing to make the most of it . I actually managed to go to the beach with my other half and my daughter and her bf and we had a great time i actually paddled in the sea Wooot wooot !!!! my excuaswe why I didnt go deeper is my dog is scared of the waves !!!!

ok so today I have a cute dress from Bite and claw . the blue on it is so pretty Im not a great fan of these rp dresses but this one i thought was really pretty and beautifully made so this one is a definate exeption to my rule:)

adrrienne dress 2


adrrienne dress 1


What Hazy is wearing

dress – adrienne by Bite&claw

the dress will be on sale for only 30l on saturday then it will be instore for 199l so take lm and get it while its a really great offer

bracelets-gold cuffs by Ryca

makeup- zoa by +Nuuna+

headbands- elven circlette-sarya by BIte&Claw

hair-faun by Oakleaf


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