Good-bye Ruby Tuesday NO NO NO ITs Hello Tuesday

Hey My lovely mooners Im so sorry I not been around , what with being really ill with a nasty infection thats still trying to knock me down but immma beat this  lil bugger.

Then to top it all I manage to throw water all over my keyboard (It didn’t like that too much) so now I’m now having to get used to typing with new keyboard  soo please do excuse the typos:)

so I am going to make this a short and sweet post for you as if my med s start to set in , there wont be too much sense written here so here we go wanna see what I got  you for Hello Tuesday???





shmoot dresss n shoes0

What Hazy Is wearing

necklace-camila(Silver) BY Kunglers

hair-Ashmi(onyx) by D!va

shoes-sprs cool samira sparkling high heels by Ashmoot for Hello Tuesday

bangles-cuban gold by RYCA

I got  abunch of some beautiful stufff mopre to show u trhis week but if u can’t wait for me hop on down to CSR and see for yopursefl You will not be disapointed The bargains are just flowing out ogf those rooms 🙂


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