only a few more days left for this round of cosmo

I got some great things to show u < I would normally do all this in individual posts but I’m gonna show u all I got for the you  so u can see what you might want to get over at CSR.

Letters and numbers By We're closed

Letters and numbers By We’re closed   shorts – mini with hud with 6 colour changes by Ns @ CSR



me and my suitcase

poses- me and my suitcase by !sup poses @CSR  dress-summer candy by Haute couture Was Available for Hello Tuesday Now not available



goodnight photohrapju 3

dress -black cross with HUD by JK

goodnight photoh 4

skirt-mini with hud with 6 colour changes by NS @ CSR

goodnight photoh 8

pose- pop girls by beppin @ CSR Skirt mini with hud with 6 colour changes by Ns @ CSR

pose- pop girls by beppin @CSR Skirt mini with HUD with 6 colour changes by Ns @ CSR

goodnight photoh 2 goodnight photography 1  My toplessness I hope doesn’t Insult anyone I’m doing it for a stand really . I belong to a photography group on Facebook called Second life Photos of life and Passion Its is strongly stated in the rules There will be nudity and if you are insulted by this leave now. It is strictly artistic nudity and most certainly not pornographic But one or two people in that group have reported pictures and said that one the girls running the group is promoting porn I have never heard any thing so ridiculous in all my life for starters these are pixels  and  The human form is beautiful .Let me ask this was Michelangelo promoting porn?? was Picasso Promoting porn? any artist who depicts  the human form its promoting art and celebrating the love of the human form .Soo I wasn’t quite brave enough to fully get my boobs out  but I wanted to support this group as I do love it, its  a great group of people and if your  an artist In sl And want to join the group please do Its a lot of fun But please please If your Offended by any nudity Join another group :))

Any way my rant over I have shown u my pics and a lot of great stuff to be had over at the Cosmopolitan Sale Room so hop on over and get ya bargains before the new round,Is about to arrive and As far as I can gather there is going to be some exciting guest Designers OO I hear you say I Know exciting right  But sadly that’s all I know so Have to wait n see Like me LOL!!!


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