WAR What is it good for ? Absolutly nothing !!!

B&C tribal 1

War tribal face Paints 1


tribal 2 (rare)

War tribal Face Paints 2 (rare)


tribal 3

war tribal face paints 3




War Tribal face Paints 4


War Tribal Face Paints 5

War Tribal Face Paints 5


War Tribal (Rare)6

War Tribal (Rare)6


War Tribal Face Paints 7

War Tribal Face Paints 7


War Tribal face Paints 8

War Tribal face Paints 8



My lovely sponsor Bite & Claw have made these wonderful war Tribal face Paints I love them and they all so wonderful I want to wear them all  the time  so I’m guessing u might see them quite a lot :))

They Been specially designed for the Fantasy gacha Carnival .I think you can use them for all sorts they be great for some fashion needs  for those like me who like to be alil more quirky than the every day norm that you see  all  the time, I know what I choose to blog is stuff I would definitely wear for myself in real (if I had the figure Hazy has)  Im not really a follower of fashion I do glance at the glossy mags most months  to see whats in fashion then i tend to develop my own version in a way I Like, I most certainly wont wear some thing just because its fashionable and not like it no no  no . well the same applys for second Life  I say I dont care whats fashionable I dress  How i like with what I like  some may say OMG !!girl what u wearing ?? But if I like it I say booo to you go worry about some one else .

You could use these face paints for many different role play characters so do go check em out and try for your self you see what I mean they all are really great. Am I rambling again sorry if i am its silly o’ clock again ,  I am trying to catch up on all the wonderful things I have to show you this week

So get ya buts down to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival  and omg there is so much amazing stuff I mean amazing the designers have really pulled out all the stops this year > simply  Wonderful sadly I have no Lindens till about 2 weeks time so I can only Look and  hope that  its still on when I get Paid cause ooh boy I could spend spend spend this year so maybe its a good thing I cant hahahhha Well My Boyfriend will agree its a good thing I am sure > Ok I stop my rambling now and let ya get down to the Carnival have fun see ya there maybe say Hi If You see me :))

Love to You all Hazy xxxxx

P.S The Fantasy gacha Carnival open May 4th till june 3rd last shopping day


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