OOOH ITs Tuesday You Know what that means :))

only a real quick one for u today as im soo soo so tierd Im gona get this post out to you fast and then put my lil self into bed nice n early < ha I always say this then end up doing something and being up late again but I am gonna  try at least .
So here Is a cute Vintage swim costume  very stylish I thought  and then there is the summer dress By Primavera Now this dress came with a hat but i chose to wear my own hat ( mainly beacuse  i always have issues with hair n hats) soo I thought I would use my hat with hair attached and then problem solved but its a cute hat believe me the one that comes with the dress . The dress has a HUD with 4 vintage fabrics and 3 fabrics for the hat and another 4 for those of you that have those lovely Lola’s

Here is my pictures Hope you enjoy So Hurry down to the Cosmopolitain Sale Room And snap up those Hello Tuesday Bargainsswim suit 3

swim suitl 1


swim suit 2


summer dress 6


summer dress 5


summer dress 4


summer dress 3


summer dress 2


summer dress 1


What Hazy Is Wearing


in the swim suit pics-

Hair-LCA518 By Boon

face gems By Bite&claw

swimsuit -queen of the beach in blue by forever summer @CSR for Hello tuesday

Sneakers -*bit heart by -Epic For 100 block (finished now)

nails Tiffany polish BY Zoz @ CSR


Bangles -chained Gold BY RYCA

In the summer dress pics-

hair -floppy sun hat sionhan hair By Maitreya

summer dress-ete- primavera dress by munereia boutique@CSR For Hello Tuesday

Earings -spike Gold -BY RYCA

nails Tiffany polish BY Zoz @ CSR

bangles-chained gold by RYCA


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