pixie me! Pixie You!

I Love this time of year as the weather starts to get so much very nicer , the designers seem to get it so right I suppose in real and sl they  seem to always get the summer fashion very right , I do love floaty fabrics and strong colours  rather than the dull boringness we all seem to stick to in the winter , in the stores this week end( luckily I had no money as I would have spent a fortune ) all the wonderful colors  and fabrics and and (oooh my a girls heaven ) there are for this summer collection, it goes for sl too  so over this summer  I hope to be showing u some wonderful  clothing . a lil poke to the designer s go daring,  go bold, go outrageous  we want it all this summer :))

ok so u know one my best groups I belong to WLTB well they have some fabulous designers on their books now and if you don’t know about them well booo to you cause they fantastic  , this is a designer I have not blogged before  Paris metro couture so I know not a great deal about them but I loved this dress so I hope they have more of this sexyness to comehazy in paris metro couture

What Hazy wears

dress-cote des basques dress by Paris Metro couture @wltb

face tattoos- les makeups by Miaamai

eye makeup-eyeshadow HIppy (purple) By Mons

hair-hang it up (daring Pack) By Clawtooth @Collabor88

earrings – spikes By Ryca

8-bit heart sneaker wedge ( rainbow baby pink)By Epic @1ooblock fair (finished now)

skin-gG12’13 By (red)Mint

necklace-zulaaikha latticeBY Maxi Gosamer @Collabor8


well for Sunday night that’s me done my beds calling me,  soo have a great week my wonderful peeps  and see you again real soon If you liking my post hit the like button  means alot to us bloggers :))

ooh wait before I go I forgot to say about the poses one pose the one with me sat down is from the Enchanted (sleeping beauty)  what u do is buy an item in that item you buy is a card and then u have to hit all 20 stores to get your card stamped and then you go pick you prize its fun it takes you to some new stores you wont have seen before  and let me tell you the prizes you pick once your card is full are wonderful  I bought the sleeping beauty dress so cant wait to get to blog that as its beautiful . have to  think up a beautiful styling for that one:))

any way  one the prizes I picked was the Pose merry weather By !bang For the Enchantment Sleeping beauty   the land mark for the prizes

the blog to tell you all the stores and tps to all these stores and how to do your card  is   here


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