The sweet sweet smell Of nature…

OOh god Dont you all just love all the beautiful shoes and nail polishes  we can all get now to go with our slinks they are soo cool only  a year ago was the norm boring ole heels now its really exciting  > I find it fascinating looking back over my years in sl how much everything has progressed.  Gone are the times of one alpha dedicated to just your shoes . When mesh came in and wow things really started to transform and  it still is. The  quality of the designs now is awesome, the designers are getting so creative . Great job designers we love you:))

now Im saying this about   shoes  cause u know Zoz have got a really pretty pair for you at  the new round at Cosmopolitan sale Room along with nail polish to match  oooh I am soo in heaven!!!!!!

I have a couple of things here for you today wanna see?? ok let me show you …..

country summer dress HT 2 This Adorable cute summer country dress made me feel like a proper English rose in this I felt like  should be sipping tea while eating my cucumber sandwiches in the lawn , but hey I found  a perfect Sim for taking my pics to show you the Hello   Tuesday offers.


country summer dress HT 1

I’m going to post in the Zoz picture of the nails my computer cant seem to pic up the fine detail as clear as their picture > arnt they pretty?? doesn’t it make u want to hop on over to pic them up??

-{ZOZ}- Tiffany Polish Huds Pix

Also This casual Pink flowery strappy top with shorts is the next great thing u can pic up at bargain prices for the Hello Tuesday event


recline at navel park $ HT 2country summer dress HT 3

Soo Hurry on down  To see what u can find all these great offers  don’t miss out too good to miss out on !!!!!


Dress- lilac rose country dress BY Forever summer @ CSR For Hello Tuesday

shoes-tiffany heels By Zoz @ CSR

nails Tiffany polish BY Zoz @ CSR

Top and shorts-cross top tank ( pink Flowers) shorts (Pink) By Osito @CSR for Hello Tuesday

Sim I took pictures on Navel park _ moderate sim Sweet Garden



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