My fantasy please do not disturb!!!!

last skin idk nameOOOOOOOOOOH they are soo beautiful  I want to wear each n every one all at the same time hahaha I so cant decide which is my favorite they soo pretty the colors are beautiful Thank you Bite & claw for making me so Happy

These skins are an exclusive for the fantasy Gatcha  carnival 6 skins and two  of them are rare

the deep ( Rare),the chill , golden ,steel,natural,demonic,(rare)

noeme B&C


demonic with scales


B&C skin Fantasy


B&C fantasy skins


B&C fantasy with scales


the deep


hazy floats around


the Fantasy gacha carnival opens on the 1st may home of the fantasy gacha best gacha in second life hands down!!!!

see you there peeps I am really excited for this one there is going to be some great stufff xxxx Hazy xxxxx


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