I have Had a wonderful Easter , with having a grown up daughter i don’t often get to do the fun things like Easter egg hunts any more , but having my partners kids over for the week  its been fun, Yesterday we went to a farm  and the kids where given a piece of paper and pen  and told they had to look for the painted wooden eggs and then near the wooden eggs is a letter  in total of ( ;letters they then had to work out what the word was  , so with a bunch of kids running around the farm hunting for these letters , the funniest one was pinned to the back of a sheep omg these kid looked every where and almost gave up it helpd that the old sheep turned around and they could see it !!!! they got all the letters and worked out the word CHOCOLATE of coarse and they won a lil bag of eggs.

today was more of the Easter festivities my Daughter brought a huge joint of Lamb  and we actually cooked a meal together without bickering that was a surprised joy :)) and then Waagwan  ( My partners Sl name) took his kids off for an hour while the Eater bunny did his hiding the eggs trick sadly it was pouring with rain so had to be indoors, but watching the delight of the two of them as they ran around finding all the chocolate  , and not seeing the most obvious ones was funny .In all its been a really good day and full of wonderful memories

so What have i got for you today well this week end i did hit a few fairs the comic Fair , the cosmetic spring Fair, the pose fair oooh god I not even had time to unpack all my wonderful delights and try them all on they all sit box4ed in my mess of an inventory awaiting .

But what I do have   for you is this sexy sexy sexy top that can be got at the cosmopolitan sale room  I put With some glasses I got as a gift at the comic fair and made a sexy look yet alternative , I loved the glasses with my face gems peeking over the top and my locks (that i have hardly took off since getting them ( takes me back to the days where I had locks for many years And was forced to gcut the off  work told me they were creating a druggy image and if I wanted to drop that image i would cut them so massive sad face they had to go or I lost the job Grrrr to small minded people!!!!) cosmo 13 round 2soo hopp opn down to the cosmo sale room and see what other wicked bargains there is to be had I have  a ton more itmes to blog for you which I will get through this week and show you  But don’t wait on me and my real life delaying things take your taxi and see for yoursel

Big Easter Hugs  to you all see ya next time XXXX Hazy XXXXX

cosmo 13 round 1

Hair-LCA518 By Boon

The top is  -Bishnet Ombre_ Aqua BY Magnifique @ CSR
comes in 4 colours red, aqua, blue , green

nails-wild gold polish by Zoz For CSR

sunglasses-Jo sunglasses basic By EnvyMe (Gift @comic fair)

shorts-cartoon mesh short jean by Envy me @ the comic fair

bag–kitten hunter bag Gatcha By Glow last months Gatcha Arcade
face gems By Bite&claw

Tights By Erratic

ring-recluse spider By Remarkable Oblivion

poses I used -I love My shoes By don’t freak out

The Sim I took pics on  Crash Boat modarate sim


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