I still melt down like a candle buringing every time we touch!!

OOh Have I got  some poses for you today they are fabulous. They are from the Fabulous  and wonderful Something New as always Never fail and comes up with some really inspirational Photography poses and props

I so excited about them I’m going to show u with out rambling on :))

a mans barrel 1So first of all we Have a mans barrel with 4 poses in and only 3 prims  . and we all know men’s poses are hard to come by I love this one specially as I managed to convince my man to jump on and do a photo shoot for me as it really is his favorite  past time hahahhahahahaha! NOT.  But he did want a new profile pic which yay he now has  hehehehe.

a mans barrel

3 of me and waag

This a stylishly cute pose  and any excuse to have a cuddle with my man ::))


hazy on couch



hazy on the couchThe couch pose  Hazy all ready for her massage >> taps foot humm I think they left me here !!!!



pinata all 3 of us


hazy plays on her own

Hazy plays on her own :))


we 3 get sweeties!!!!

And The pinata pose is for a hunt The Happy Birthday hunt all the details are on the Hunt sl blog page  but here is the taxi to get you there but check the blog page as all the hints for the hunts are there

The hint for something new hunt is :- Everyone Lusts for cupcakes

There are 83 hunts involved in the Happy birthday hunt soo get ya hunt on but be sure to pop By something new’s now for your favorite props and poses

check out the facebook page for new releases

and for the other poses check out the store here ya Taxi xxxxx have fun Hazy  xxxxxx




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