Just Like Fine China: Colabbor88 April


It’s alright… I’m not dangerous.  Okay well maybe as harmless as we all know  Chris Brezzy is Oo (so pretty damn dangerous based on past events).  I needed my goth fix, even though I am so enjoying the sunshine and watercolor pallets that are  around.  I made it in to Collabor 88 on its opening day and was excited to find this layered A-line dress in all black!.  Pairing it with this pale skin and dark hair reminded me of a fine china doll.



Believe it or not, my two favorite colors and top color combination are black and crimson.  Call me creepy but I love it.  I love the Snow White innocence of this outfit.  Hope all you enjoyed as well and get on over to Collab… It never disapoints 😀



What Cait is wearing:

Skin: Essences Paris Light Rose

Hair: Tableau Vivant Springflower Hair winter@ Collabor 88 Aprill

Choker: Avid: The Raven

Dress: TB Fluffy dress black@ Collabor 88 April

Fishnets: BlackLace Promiscuious

PicMonkey Collage china


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