Love, Love, love Im the trigger Hippy

YAY its Hello tuesday again it comes around so fast and So I have two cute vintage dresses for you.

I have always loved the rockabilly style and have had many Rockabilly and Phsycobilly friends  and a few boyfriends but never adopted the look myself  I was very much a punk and  older I got  it softened down to more hippyish  I carried on for many years going to  the rockabilly/physcobilly gigs as being in London there was always many in those days .;))

When I saw these two cute vintage dresses  it was my chance to adopt the rockabilly look , and having no lindens I did well I think finding stuff from my inventory hahahhaha as it always easy to open up market place and find what you want but it really is styling when you have to shop your inventory which actually is quite fun as I do find all sorts things I never knew I had .


rockabilly shoot 1

rockabilly shoot 2


rockabilly shoot 3



rockabilly shoot 4



rockabilly shoot 5



rockabilly shoot 6

rockabilly shoot 7

What Hazy Wears

stockings-seamed stocking by Daymare

dress- red polkadot bustier vintage by forever summer@CSR for hello tuesday

dresss- yellow checks vintage strapless by forever summer @CSR for hello tuesday

necklace- bat wing by pure poison

necklace- owl necklace by *P* @CSR for hello tuesday

ing – killring- gold by 7891

ring -wise owl by Kosh

tattoo-death becomes her by <BIC>

shoes- heels 3 in one by Angelic lefevre couture

hair- nik hair blonde/black by pelle

hair rudegirl by pelle

have a great hello Tuesday guys and find lots of   wonderfully cheap sale items hurry before they all go, by wed morning they wont be available  Hugs you Hazy xxxxx


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