We got white tshirts , cute ones, stripey ones,statement ones, we got it all for you

For this months Cosmopolitan sale room  we got T-shirts that i think your gonna love  , they big baggy and slouch around the house Kinda shirt, the type that becomes your favorite and you wear for years even after it gets all holey and you have done the decorating in , and looking after the kid , the gardening  the chilling out  ooh yes thhat old favorite we got waiting for you at CSR.

I actually put it with a pair of tights  and wore it as a dress with sneakers  so even   got ya casual going shopping type look  . a few diff designs which i loved them all  so I couldn’t say which was my fav as really I loved them all.

so here  you are four great shirts Hop on down to the CSR and pick up your fav .

plus be sure to have a look around at some the great other stuff there is waiting for you  . i will be showing you some this over the next few weeks as its open for the month  but if you want to be that style icon and be the first to wear i suggest  u run before everyone else gets there before you !!!

Have a wonderful week end peeps no doubt I will check in again over the next few days so watch this space .hugs to you allefel tower. x4

what Hazy is wearing…

Hair-fluster -pinks and purples Hud by Ploom

necklace- gypsy by Earthstones

sneakers-pastel with hud by Envious

tights-ornamental by Bax

The four shirts marie kitty,Iconic ,stripped, selfie by SSW for CSR
Facebook for CSR
flicker for CSR






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