“I’ll affect you slowly as if you were having a picnic in a dream. There will be no ants. It won’t rain.”



Its that time of the month again The April kollective Is here with the theme Spring Picnic   . This is where designer and blogger get their heads together and come up with a design inspired by blogger its so much fun, and it get us alll communicating ,

Well my designer is the wonderful Allyson Dwyer ryne  the maker of the poses and props Something new ,And it has to be said she is wonderful to work with :)) we do seem to just bounce of each other and come up with great ideas,

so this month we Give you Picnic at Hanging rock , now for those of you who are far too young to remember  this is a pretty iconic  British made film from the Early 70s and really scary for its time  , looking back at clips of it now i thought was really funny , but trust me in the 70s that was really scary Like Dr who was < we now laugh at us all hiding behind the sofa when the darlics came out , but lets have it said the kids of today are so desensitized to scary stuff with Internet  and all the possibilities that has and all the gruesome games out there now .

watch this clip and you will see just what I mean this trailer sums up the film perfectly.

So we wanted two poses one scary and one super cutesie . so the two pictures I found for inspiration is this of the  four girls holding hands as they disappear of into the rocks.

picnic at hanging rock

Well the lovely Ally captured this spot on  and I wanted to do a old fashioned shoot and a modern day shoot  so  i got ma best girlies together ,we got on our dresses From The Muses  and did our thing:))

come and picnic

off to picnic


we picnic good

old fashioned hangers rock


and the modern shoot…

tall rock 2

rock clmers rocks. 1

hangers rock I wanted to show how this pose could be used  for any role play  shoots you might want to do and also any modern shoots you might want to do or just picture three friends hanging out together, it works how ever you wish it too.

now the second pose was inspired by teddy bears picnic  as every child knows that song and i like to think of a lil  girl marching down to the woods setting up her teddies and having a picnic with them then during the pose making the idea   changed alil  and with Easter just around the corner it was perfect  here let me show you the pics before u die of suspense lol.

picnic toodles  on side


picnic  silver

silver n eggs

so Both Poses can be bought at the April Kollective  Look for the Something new Stall  and buy buy buy  also have a look at all the other great items around on the other stalls as all there at wonderful prices and only there for April never to be had again so get down there what are you waiting for??

For something new store- taxi here

Models in the Picnic at Hanging rock old fashioned picturs Is Kallieme resident ( frothy), Wiccanbeauty( Wiccs), and Hazy cygnet

And in hanging by the rocks Modern shoot – Is  Kallieme (Frothy),Rachealcait984 (Cait), hazy Cygnet

In Easter Toodles model is one my daughters  looking adorable I might just add . Silverstarr (Avampia Firelight)

the Taxi to get down to the April Kollective

Flicker for April kollective

Will be open from the 6th april for all you wonderful people




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