..::Buzz’n All Over Me:..


Hey Y’all!

You know my midweek posts tend to be quick but I needed some sunny cheer… so I made it.   Weather affects my mood like crazy, so I chose to go all out sunny for this post.  I don’t care if summer is nowhere near! I love red hair, I think I am a big ginger hugger at heart lol.  I think it is so pretty but I have not used it on Cait much but today I was sure about this cute bright braid from MIlk hair, so adorable especially withe the Glam Affair headband!


I just needed a sunny escape and this look reflected my mood so well.  Bright and yet kinda shadowed.  The new Fameshed event had great items, (a bit over priced) but really consistently well done.  Be prepared to pay around 275 l plus an item.  KK Happy Thursday loves!  Miss you all.


What Cait is wearing:

Skin: Essences Paris @ The Skin Fair

Hair: Milk Girl about Town candies @ Fameshed

Headband: Glam Affair Dahlia headpiece@ Famehed

Shorts:  Mutresse gulza shorts available @ April Fameshed event

Short: Mon Tissue park avenue top

Necklace: Glow studio Iamgoodnecklace white


PicMonkey Collage buzz


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