Mix and match , mix and match !!!

sitting and cryingThis dress I am wearing today Is by Bite & Claw for  The 30l Anniversary fair – Love and War .The Aliss gown is a gatcha item designed for mix and match looks. Four common colours can be mixed for contrasting looks or matched for co-ordinated looks. There are also Ebony and Ivory Rare sets that will co-ordinate with everything. Common packs are either a gown, or a sleeve/belt pack, but Rare packs contain the full set of gown, belt and sleeves.

I had fun Mixing these colours up a bit and I really like the look’s I came up with suitable for any role play medieval Sim

Ok so this is my second post today and its 5 am in the morning, I must must sleep before I bore you all stupid  with my half asleep rambling big Hugs till I see you next time Hazy xxxx


sitting with arms dancing


all allis dress colours


What hazy Is Wearing

black tears By(M) Mystery

Ears – sylph ears by Illusions

earrings-3in one By Ryca

necklace-Triple Moon Collection: Flidais, Priestess of Nature & Spirit By CELTIC MYST – mAgIcK Jewelry&Deco Designs

Dress -Aliss By Bite &Claw for the 30L Anniversary Fair – Love&War. ( soon to give the lm)

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Bite&claw Group Flickr





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