Don’t Leave Me on My Own


Hey  all,

I have been missing blogging so much, so I had to get back to it with this blue post.  It may be spring but it is still cold and dreary up here and I am not yet feeling the spring joy, I guess I am just a little blue 😛  I went to the Forrest concert event, it is very small but has great items, and I grabbed this dress and backpack.


So after I had to stop by Magika,  I have always been a huge fan but I usually do not blog them because they are already so popular, but the new braided curls made me .  Then I saw these pig tails and could not resist!   Anywho, not my best today bc of my cold but I am happy with the pics, wish me anti germs please! Hugz!




What Cait is wearing:

Skin: Essences Paris Light rose

Hair: magika Curious

Headband: Nulodo garden ciel@ The forest spring concert event

Dress:  loveme. nini dress<3 * Sea in Romantic @ The forest spring concert event

Backpack:  Tokame. Bunny Backpack Pink available @ The forest spring concert event

Shoes: [LOVE RE ME]F-SHOES#01 SKY available at chapter 4

Poses: Yo Pulga Allie

PicMonkey Collage mouse


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