How to Tame my Tameless heart??

This is going to Be a super quick post for you my lovelies , as i have a few new things in the pipe line so wanted to get this post out before I start something new  ( this is me trying to get my life in a little bit of order and not be quite so Chaotic )

OOh and to let you all know quickly m little dog who had a huge operation last week is on the mend  she only has two stitches left in and they will be out on Friday but my little baby is recovering really well and we will be back out terrorizing the countryside very soon:))

legs our tameless


the 3 of us in tamleess

Tameless Part of WLTB  makes fantastic hair you get 3 options one being the fantasy which is beautiful bright colours in the HUD like this purple that I am wearing , a lovely pink and turquoise and so the list goes on , there is the natural range  and the streaked range  so there is definitely something for everyone , The hair I am wearing today is the robin series of the fantasy range  I loved the cap which u can  use the hud to change the colours of it and any of the colours in the fantasy range for the hair i thought it was pretty and went well with my look I made today, I was definitely feeling my biker roots coming out with a little goth influence peeking in there too !!

What Hazy is wearing

skin-pale doll by Lenoloears –

ears -sylph ears by *~*Illusions*~*

face tattoos-tribus emo nose white by By :::GID:::

earings and nose chain- luna set by :*:CDP:*:

bangles Athena Silver by Maxi Gossamer

Boots-Saxa _Dull By Severed Garden

Skirt- mini skirt by Happy Undead

Tights-ornament leggings fat pack by Bax

Top -Halter top By R3volt

hair -Robin  Fantasy Range By Tameless

Inworld store for Tameless

Tameless @ SL Marketplace

facebook for Tameless

There you are my sweet’s my very quick and rushed post for you all hope you enjoy hugs till next time xxx Hazy xxxxx






































































































































































































































































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