Bender of the Wind

LOl OK dont Laugh But Im late again for this event but its not quite over you still have alil time to get on over to the we<3roleplay March collection so many great items  to suit all kinds of roleplay  not just the usual everyday ones hop along and explore find your inner creative self .

I fell in love with this Druid headdress  its spring right? Where I live in real is a big druid community and they beginng to stir from  hibernating during the winter. so this headdress just felt soo very right and i knew i had the perfect outfit for it.

The headdress is beautifully made every lil detail wonderfully textured with a great HUD to colour every single section on  this headdress its fantastic  .

now I have my headdress and the perfect outfit I head over to F*cking Ninja’s to buy some new poses > shush dont tell my Bf cause I spent rather alot as I actually wanted the whole series but that started to go into 3 series ooh I had to run before I maxxed out my credit card but the good thing is I have a great new set of poses hehehhehe ooh boy he kill me !!!!!! ( waagwan babe I am  totally exaggerating for this blog to make my self look really cool ok not to worry really!!!!!!) ok I think that will smooth it over a lil :))

ok before I dig my hole any deeper here is my pics xxxxx

windbender 1

arcane circles druid

druid headdress

windbender 5

What Hazy Wears

headdress- druid headdress by alchemy @wlrp

outfit- Haud Deus full outfit by [RD] Rude Designs  I cannot find the landmark for this anywhere the one I had its now a private house if anyone happens to know where they are let me know their outfits are soo awesome

Hair By D!va (group Gift)

Face gems Fatpack By B&C

Eye tattoos- Tattoo layer makeup Fatpack By Nuuna
nose tattoo – Tribus emo nose -white By :::GID:::
ears – sylph ears by Illusions
skin -pale doll by lenolo
poses  by F*cking ninja’s


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