Just where do the pixies at the bottom of my garden go to during the week ?

my love of fairies started when i was 8 years old  my mum bought me Faeries By Brian froud he is the most wonderful story teller and the art work is out of this world ,I always seemed to love the dark and scary ones and some of them are really dark  in this book and actually very scary for children , very far removed from the flower fairy books that were all light   and pretty and sweet lil things !!!

so when I saw Bite and claws fairy avatars they just had to be blogged they are adorable , the attention to details with these lil fae  was second to none a cute little crown,pretty wings,  a simple but cute dress ,pointed ears,  tippy toe feet and two bracelets for each wrist. there is  two options in this box a light fairy Aether and a dark nyx, each had their own fine details and such adorable faces .

now I’m so sorry that I am late blogging these as they were for the We ❤ Role Play in February.  I really need to kick my ass into gear and get these posts out in time as only a month late UGGHHHHH I’m so sorry :(( I hang my head in shame.

ooh and I thought they were in the store and I’m so sorry they aren’t but maybe if we poke the designer she might put them up in her store. soo poke poke poke pretty please even if its just for my readers  for a day cause I was so late posting  big cheesy grin:))

But One thing I really do advice and that is to pop over to the store there are some great skins, a few great Gatcha’s  a bargain corner and upstairs is the landscaping items and the wounds and scars , they scare me a lil. I would not be happy if some one put a huge great welt over my back or  my legs  or something like that i would pull the whip out back on them hehehhe!!! but  specially I think if your a Gor player they may well be of interest for you .There is something for everyone here so here is your Taxi and get on doown there hurry now!!!

facebook for B&C

Blog For B&C

flicker page for B&C

Face gems fatpack By B&C

Blue bird poses By NSA

fairy black shooot 4

fairy white shooot 6

fairy white shooot 2

fairy black shooot 5

aether pixie shoot 1

fairy white shooot 1

fairy shoot 1

fairy shoot 2

Enjoy the pics my sweet mooners  see you all next time hey and if you enjoy the blog hit the like button its really important to us bloggers :)) thanx guys Hazy xxxx


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