I can look glam too you know!!!

Going through all the wonderful stuff from WLTB  the quality of designers is getting really good now and I have a bunch of stuff I want to show you  but I guess I will blog one thing at a time before I start getting confused lol and we all know it doesn’t take much to confuse my lil head!!!!

so since doing the strawberry Meme about doing new things i seem to be on a lil roll of new things as i last blogged a bag which I think I have never blogged before and that’s the great thing about WLTB it defiantly introducing me to a ton of new designers  and items i would never normally blog , and what I find really interesting after I have blogged that item to follow what the other bloggers blog seeing their different ideas and for the same item how much creativeness there is out there it really is fascinating .

Enough of my ramblingness and on to the item I am showing you today

entice dress all coloursI love this dress again i not really a glamor puss and tend to stick with more casual clothing  but this month is all about new things for me  so who knows whats instore. This dress fitted beautifully didnt have to alter my shape at all which is a fat relief for me as I passionately hate altering my shape i made it the way it is cause I like it :)) so when a dress specially a slinky dress is well made I soo praise it up and the designer needs a massive big up for actually getting things right woot!!!!

ok im sorry i really am rambling in this post i zip it up and finish and hope into my bed and watch out for my next post its all about bears !!!

What Hazy is wearing

dress- sequinned zebra dress by Fulo @ designer showcase

necklace gold By Ryca

bangles -Gold dxl by Ryca
hair- Pornado purple by Analog Dog

face piercing consantine by Sinful Constantine

hugs to you all mooners xxxx Hazy xxxxx



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