I got cute bags for you

Ooh and cute they are I not normally a bag person in sl but these I actually loved they are adorable from the wonderful we love top blog .So with my bags  I thought I need to go on a trip and find a new adventure around sl. The first sim I went to was so laggy I stood still for about 40 mins waiting for all to load  still when I eventually  tried to move all I   got was the wheel of doom grrr got really angry so went back to the Destination guide on secondlife.com to find myself another place to explore and there it was Isla Okiddo just what I was looking for an unusual sim with places to explore for me as I am in explorer mode after all!! what they say about this sim :-
Isla Okiddo is an unusual art expo at an exotic location. The island is immersive and lush, the art a tribute to Second Life photography. Come see a different approach from what you’ve seen before.

Well these bags are a gatcha item made for the  Pre-Release Gatcha Garden that start this Friday 7th on march. so with my capri pants and my revolt tank top which I soo love as the hud has soo many great options, my back pack on and I’m off to explore …

santa maria island 2

                                                                                                        santa maria island 5
santa maria island 3
santa maria island 7
santa maria island 8
santa maria island 9
santa maria island 6
What hazy is Wearing
Hair-Pornado purple by Analog Dog Hair

earrings- pure emerald by Pure Poison April Gift

bangles- indra painted stacked bangles by Zaara

necklace-bat wings necklace by Pure Poison

Pants- capri lepore grey By Coldlogic

Top-tank by R3volt

shoes-narcissus ballerinas in purple by Purple Moon

bag pack cute friends (Gatcha)by Serenity Style

Serenity style marketplace

Serenity Style blog

I think  you will be seeing a lot more of serenity style from me as I am in love already grins:))

Sim I took the pictures on Isla Okiddo 

sorry such a brief post my real has been really hectic so I am doing my best to get at least one post out a week hope you enjoy  moon heads xxxx with love Hazy xxxxx

santa maria island 4


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