Blue Violets and Purple Rain


Hey all!

The spring Arcade Event is finally here and I could not have welcomed it sooner, with all the snow this winter I need anything springy to raise my mood and I always love a good gatcha event!  I managed to get in without too much trouble (I’ll never tell my secrets ;)) my first stop was this Rain or Shine hair from Exile.  Unique with the middle tendril on the forehead and it came with another version that is more traditional.  I like hair that looks like the wind is tossing it about and that is hard with mesh that moves with us, so this was a score.  I picked out these Black magic Ram Horns from the catalogue and managed to get them with ease.  This clock bag in blue and lace was an added bonus as I got it for 50l on my first try.


The rest of the look came together with some items I had already.  I love when that all works out, I reused this defying gravity pose to add to a fantasy feeling.  Hope you enjoyed and cheers to the weekend loves! ps love this Purple Rain Cover (Don’t hate Prince!)





What Cait is wearing:

Hair: Exile Rain or Shine Available at The Arcade Spring event

Eyes: NerdMonkey Grey  Intense eyes

Lipstick: Essences hangover lip gloss

Horns:  Half Deer Available at The Arcade Spring event

Necklace: P.C Amethyst necklace

Dress: Reign Danity Dress Violet

Wings: Seven’s Selections Ragged Wings Violet and Cyan (NA)

Bag:  Pesca Clock Lace Flower bag Available at The Arcade Spring event

Pose:  Nantra Defying Gravity

PicMonkey Collage grav


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