up up and away

Here it is march Kollective  Late winter rain is the theme  and a blogger works with a designer and comes up with some thing for  the Kollective.

kollective poster_

I Had a great time working with my designer Ally Dwyer Ryne  and we had a few ideas around this but  we ended up on this one as its was fun and defiantly brought out our child like side as we all remember Mary Poppins and this is very much inspired by her. last night I ended up watching loads of mary poppins U tube clips and singing along, to my boyfriends delight hehehhehe!!!!

let me show u  this great pose as it could be used in a number of scenarios .

up up and away final

poppin rain 1

poppin rain 4 1

closed umbrella poppin 1

closed umbrella poppin 2

poppins umbrella

Come Down to the Kollective not only these great poses but also a ton of other great stuff all inspired by late winter rain and the blogger and designer , such a great idea and has been really fun thanx all who have put so much work into making this event happen  hugs Hazy xxxx

 What Hazy wearing

Eyebrows-Eyebrow spikes by {.Bijou&T}HQ

Hair -Sandy mesh By Catwa

flower in hair – flower power by Ad

earrings- inca moon by Phoebe piercings and more

boots-  puddle boots by Miel
dress drusilla dress (mary poppins) by Drbc

necklace- phoenix rising by Earthstones

and last by by far not least is the pose Poppin’ Rain by Something new


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