“Sometimes I really want to”—a frustrated sound—“bite you!”

bite and claw skins finish jpg

woooopeeeeeee we have a new sponsor and as u can see I’m really excited about it , the first person to get me to wear another skin as you know I tend to stick very much to my own skin and shape . but seeing these skins I was happy to start blogging them.

So let me tell you a little about the new sponsor Called Bite and Claw they  sell a range of accessories for role play, skins, landscaping and furniture  I am happy to be able to start blogging Bite and Claw i think it will be fun and will actually get me wearing new skins:)) I had my long claws on when she passed me these skins, I kept them on  I thought they went well since they called bite and claw see what I did there??? There is a facebook page so you can keep up to date with new releases and of coarse the Bite and Claw blog and marketplace store and of coarse inworld so be sure to hit the like button on the facebook.

What Hazy wears

Furthest away picture 1 Skin- penny tone 4 mid dk by B&C

Middle picture 2. Skin – Penny Tone 2 dusky mid dark by B&C

closest to us Picture 3. Skin-penny tone  2 Dusky cl light By B&C

Skins one and two  Have my make up on Skin 3 is plain faced

Hair – gloria By Emo-tions

necklace-genie jewelery set opal By Earthstones

earings- 3row hoop by RYCA
ring – Nightbloom by Kunglers
nails- achelois nails by Miamai
headband taela Headband BY !cellar Door ~CD~
Dress-creature feature slinky dress BY ^v^DRBC^v^

well my beautiful Mooners that’s me for today watch this space I will be blogging alot more from Bite & claw . Have  a wonderful week. oo and its valentines day soon soo we should get a lil romantic don’t you think??

hugs Hazy xxxxx


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