RED and YELLOW and PINK and GREEN! PURPLE and ORANGE and BLUE! I can sing a rainbow

hahaha and rainbows its is. we having bursts of sunshine then major rain  I keep seeing rainbows and wonder if I will find any gold at the end mine?? ha guess not but its fun to dream and wish I could capture the true essence of those rainbows on a camera they all ways look pretty insignificant.

Well todays post is about Pwoar couture a really cute jumpsuit I normally don’t go for this sort of clothing but actually  quite liked this  and love her HUD’S always beautiful textures  so I tried to capture it all on one page not all as was too many to show but I chose 5 of them

and going with my playful childlike theme I went with hopscotch poses as a jumpsuit is for playing in right??

jumpsuit finished



What Hazy is wearing

hair- b bound by Analog Dog
Jumpsuit -miry by *PC* phwoar couture this jump suit come with a fantastic Hud with some great textures

earrings -Inca moon by Phoebe piercing and more
ring and necklace -pitanga -silver blue by Kunglers
choker- ez gold by RYCA
Tights- Ornament leggings by Bax

im short but sweet today and hoping by the week end ill have alil more time to  not be having to rush things quite so much

hugs to u all loves u and keep on clicking that like button xxxxx Hazy xxxxxx








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