New Designers,Gatcha’s and Events its all Happening!!!

mary cakes gatcha white rare

Rare White


Rare Red















Last week I spoke to the woman who deals with Kollective and  asked when the next event would be I’m then told there is a new group We love to Blog and she invited me to the group and now I’m an official blogger for this group. This is exciting for me as up to now these last two years I have pretty much just blogged for my own pleasure buying all my own items  , so when hear this I’m so excited its like turning professional blogger hehehe!!

So here is the first items I’m blogging from the I Love to blog This designer Is called Mary Cakes she is a Graphic designer in real so her eye for patterns is great.

These are her Gatcha items the two dresses up the top are the two rare items then we have some peppermint boots, umbrella and flats. ooh and a scarf . that we have here down below.there is also a few items but I wont ruin the surprise get down to her store and check out these Gatcha’s     also there is hunts going on I don’t have these details but I’m sure if u go down to the store you can find out the exciting things going on …mary cakes gatcha boots

Hunt item- Peppermint dress

Hunt item- Peppermint dress

Now for my really exciting news  is the Kollective idea of setting up a collaboration with a designer and blogger the idea behind this is:-
Designer and Bloggers will be paired for each cycle of the Boutique. Designers will create a new exclusive design for the boutique inspired by their partnered Blogger. Bloggers will then Blog and review the inspired design featuring their partnership with the designer. they are hoping this collaboration and partnership between blogger and designer
will deepen the relationship between blogger and designer as well as provide the public with a Singular shopping opportunity. THE KOLLECTIVE is an original monthly shopping venue where designers and bloggers collaborate on an exclusive design within the theme and colors of the event.   I have been asigned my designer I am yet to make contact with her as she has’nt been on line yet:(( The  ideas for this event there are two  design ideas one is:-
This one is soft romantic and champagne  Soft and Romantic Pink and ChampagneThe second one Is Blustery cold winter Blustery Cold WinterI think this is a fun Idea and so I am playing with ideas in my sketch book and hoping my designer is able to work with me on these ideas we shall see so watch this spot . The event is then show casing the ideas that the designers and blogger socmeup with . this is a great idea as i feel blogger have huge ideas just not the know how to make the clothing so lets see what amazing stuff we all come up with …


Where to find Mary Cakes items for her market place

Inworld store





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