I dont feel christmasy at all:(

is it just me that i really not feeling Christmasy at all, I cant even get my head around that summer is over ok! ok! I really need to catch up but I’m not liking this cold and is making me want to hibernate all the way thro the winter, so seeing all these white snowy christmassy blog posts bah Humbug!!! is all i seem to be able to muster and say right now but i will get there just i seem to take alil longer than everyone else , I will admit i have done a shop to do a wintery blog post just takes me alil time to muster up and do it . So what imma do instead is wrap up warm in a nice warm hoodie and leather pants  and go and explore some more rp sims.

As I had an very Urban outfit on I felt I needed a city so I have a look through the destination guide two cities I went to were so laggy I couldn’t move so I left. Then I discover what is known as the crack den AND TP in and wow what a complex signing up it was  so having alil thought about my back story ( as they want to know all this before your allowed into the city) I eventually come up with something rl quick bearing in mind i do just want to take pictures here!! but the more i look into the death of the role play here i figure this could be fun as u cannot join gangs straight away you have to earn your way through to earn your colors as it were, by talking to the police,going to hospital for treatments there a huge list of places to get various jobs and this is how u work your way through Gosh I  think “do I really have time for this in my sl??” well quite frankly no but it would be fun to have alil peek into it.crack den 2

crack den 1OOH my I am so behind I wrote this last week and didn’t post  I been working on some gatcha  soo watch for my next post coming up any day now as again something new Has wonderful Christmas poses which I’ll be showing you real soon I promise….

What Hazy wears

body suit- black by toxic bish

tattoo- nuuna’s make up by  nuuna’s Skin

hair -robin by Emo-tions

eye shadow -fleurette shadow by  zibska

hoodie- i love 69 by toxic bish

necklace jewelled owl by Phoebie

necklace-freedom By Emo-tions

pants – leather leggings by Maitreya

shoes- (eLIC)heels3 in one by Angelica


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