She got eyes in the back of her Horns

Something new poses Passed me a bunch of poses to blog, all her Christmas range and this first one I have blogged is beautiful.

I thought this cutest pose would go  perfect for my new hair and horns I got a few days ago that I’m madly in love with and have not taken of since I got them, the Hair and antlers  looks so cute with my elfin ears I just love it,  I might have to get it in the other colours too as its so adorable . the HUD is really small and easy to use too and gives u a range of colors like  the one I have is the black and white set so the HUD ranges from white down through the shades to black

I have to show you so you can see how cute this is…

faune ice princess 1

something new ice princess 4

something new ice princess 5

something new ice princess 3

something new ice princess7

About this bed prop it has 4 poses in and you can get it at the Christmas  store that’s been made ful of something new poses and props

even if you don’t buy anything the store has a wonderful Christmas theme to put u all in the joyous  seasonal mood . lots of the props and poses are rezed out for you to try, or to se what you getting in your box .there is lots of cute couple poses and props and best friend poses, pretty much everything u could need is here all in one store , so visit the linden bank and go forth and shop…

My outfit Is one my favorite clothing stores as it is all beautifully made  every texture is carefully thought out even the posters advertising the clothes are vintage burlesque style  they are simply beautiful. The store I’m talking about is !DM devious Mind and this beautiful burlesque corset went so well with the pose Ice Princess so I have  my hair, my poses and outfit. a girl is now good to go .

What hazy is wearing

burlesque outfit-sweet rose valentina by !DM devious mind

hair  faun hair black and white by oakleaf

nails- pallete by mandala

Props and pose by Something New


something new ice princess 9


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