Fallen Ones

lycan circle

So I’m continuing my tour on visiting Sims . This one is a friend mine’s  Morag Macintyre   and Librancien Upsilon

I have been meaning to go visit for a long time  and finally I went  and was pleasantly surprised, beautifully built with a huge amount of care and attention to every single detail . The stone buildings where very pretty. I arrived as they have just entered into winter theme so Brrrrrrr  I needed to find some winter woollies and I had just the place to go, one my favorite stores for rp clothing CellarDoor  they are brilliantly priced and you get so much for your lindens definitely one to check outNow when u Splash down into this Sim There is a book of rules near the church on the big stone, click it and it give u a notecard  so no over steping the mark as some very naughty demons and lycans live here and u so dont want to be upsetting them now do we?? I am only joking  they really nice freindly bunch that will happily help you or if your just wanting to explore will leave u to peacefully wonder around. AS I did and took pictures, that I could have taken a hundred more but had to get some sleep so here I will show u what I got Hope you enjoy…



Watcher in the night

Watcher in the night

Prayer to a moon godess

Prayer to a moon godess

Looks to the book of wisdom

Looks to the book of wisdom

Lycan circle

Lycan circle

buring tree

What Hazy is Wearing

necklace- triple moon Priestess of Nature & Spirit by CELTIC MYST – mAgIcK Jewelry&Deco Designs

bare feet -Autumn  by Severed garden

ears- sylph ears  by Illusions

eye makeup- combat ready war makeup by.:: Delusions::.
eye tattoo- war By nuuna’s makeup

eye shadow -winter cloud  by ~Blacklace Beauty~

eyes Arctic blue By Noiroptix

Hair-lana By !D!va

necklace-Inca moon By *Phoebie Piercings and more*

inca necklace 4

inca necklace2

inca necklace  3

This is one our newest sponsors and u all know what a fiend I am for lil shiny objects so this makes me extremely happy to have us on board with us  so if you love individual jewellery and piercings go check out the link..

Dress-NeViah BY ! CellarDoor Urban and rp clothing  comes with Dress, Crown, Twigg circlet, and I have to say I have just discovered this store and I’m so in love with the clothing

here is your link for the sim I took my pictures on  this is a  Adult Sim but is also family land so please be respectful and have fun … Fallen Ones Realm

fallen ones realm 4

fallenones relam 5

fallen ones realm


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