Dawn of the Seeker


dancing with the wind...

dancing with the wind…

I’m looking for something new. what I’m seeking I really don’t know but at the moment I cant seem to find my contentment in second life my heart is still here. I have got beautiful friends and a few family left that I love dearly. But I got that itch to find something to inspire me , to make something different . I am an artist in real but not really used my creativeness for second life and I feel this is what I need to do.

Maybe it is time to flatten all we have created here in this virtual world and recreate as we have grown since we first created our world  and its been adjusted and tweaked along the way but maybe the time has come for a major haul and revamp?? but maybe it not that maybe its me that need to dig deeper into my soul and find what I seek.

I’m finding alot the people I’m coming into contact with irritating . I finding they not genuine or  are just plain rude, I was on a Sim the other day I said hello to about ten different people and none had the plain courtesy to even just say hey back now is that me or is that really damn rude?? maybe I’m getting old and the youth of today are too cool to bother to say “hello “when they spoken to I don’t know !!  Then a girl said Jumped into my Im and said can u take your cam of me < i was oh i am sorry my mouse slipped didn’t notice I was cammed on u she like” yeah yeah like I heard that one before “”Im sweet heart really don’t flatter your self ” but god almighty really was it really that much of an issue she was rude u think maybe she would be flattered someone bothered to look at her she did have a big purple dragon on her shoulder you would think that is trying to attract people to look at you . but I chuckle to myself i’m probably the wrong sex for her if I was a guy I bet all my lindens the conversation would have been very different .

I’m going from Sim to Sim all seem to be empty if they not empty it people trying to cop of with each other , was my sl really more fun when I wasn’t partnered , well my answer to that is no cause I know in my heart I’m  so contentedly happy  I have my soul mate , now I’m genuinely looking for sound like minded people that want to have fun and it seems i’m not finding that. I chat in ims with my friends and family but actually physically in sl we all busy buzzing around doing our thing (what ever that be?)

Its not a break from sl I feel I need, Its divine intervention I’m looking for to find my sl again I have been so blissfully happy for so many years. Now I have grown and have changed to who I was when I first came into this world  so I now seek a new sl  a new type of people  a new me??

So here the pics I done today I’m not gonna list my clothing today just wanted to get this all of my chest , breath a deep breath and see whats next :)……



I got Green fingers look how ma plants grow!!

I got Green fingers look how ma plants grow!!



Hunter valley sim

Hunter valley Sim



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