Yummy Inc Mall Stores

Yummy Mall 1So this post we are back at Yummy Inc this time talking about their mall. There is a number of stores around for all your shopping needs! There are stores for both women and men, which is nice as there is always a need for men’s stores. The prices of the store vary and there is something for everyone! So this week I will be showing you three stores from there…

Yummy store 1First up Tattoo Art… This store is a co-ed store, and have way more then just tattoos. There is everything from sneakers to formal wear! With two floors of goodness, and complete with a gatcha machine.

Yummy store 2Sascha’s Designs is right next door for all your ladies needs. There is a few select items for men here too.  Casual and formal wear are sold here!

Yummy store 3Finally there is LinealRise Designs, with their slogan of “Don’t Mesh With Me”. LinealRise is fairly new to designing in SL, however it can’t be seen that way by their items. They are a co-ed store and offer casual and formal wear for all your needs!

There is no shortage of stores @ Yummy Inc. So make sure to stop by for your shopping needs. I will be featuring more stores next week!

If you are interested in renting a shop. you have a couple of different options @ Yummy Inc. You can either rent stores weekly or do a split system for people not wanting to pay weekly. If you are interested in renting please contact Savannah Christensen for more details!!

Lil shopping video for you this week…


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