Introducing Yummy Inc

Yummy's Logo

Today I’m bringing you a post about an awesome place, Yummy Inc. They’re our latest sponsor and you need to go check them out. There’s so much to do there! There’s a club, events, games, fishing, movies, live music, shopping, rentals, and so much more. This is just the first in a series of posts regarding Yummy Inc. We’ll be featuring them each Sunday and Thursday so be sure to check back to find out all about what’s happening.

Yummy Dance Floor

The club at yummy (above) is a truly fun place to hang out. They have daily themed events and contests every day from 10am-8pm SLT. This week features themes such as, Best in SciFi, Formal, 70’s, and Biker plus many many more. The full calendar of events can be viewed here. Everyone is welcome at Yummy Inc. “The goal of Yummy Inc was to provide a gathering place that allow the unity of all people.  Music is the one thing that brings people together and it happens here at Yummy Inc.” – νaηa νaѕѕєя-cяafт ѕкутнєя – Owner

Logo Yummy CLUB

What are you waiting for?! Click here and visit now!!


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