Follow me down to the river…

Follow Me BridgeI got up this morning and thought I would take some pictures. I wasn’t a 100% they would turn into a blog but I decided to share with you all! So today’s big feature is this hoodie by Razor! Anyone who knows me, knows I love me some Razor. I guess that could be taken that I’m just emo, for those who don’t know Razor.

Follow Me BackMy favorite part of this hoodie, is the back of it. The bloody angel wings! I love the design and how it stretches over the whole back. As with all of Razor’s designs its extremely well done! Oh and BTW there is a female version too ladies!!!!

Follow Me Standing
So here is the best part about this hoodie…….ready for it???? OMFG it’s free!!!! Yes that is right, its part of Depraved Nation’s “The Dirty Turkey Hunt 4.0” ( click the  link for info on the hunt ) So let me give you and idea how huge this hunt is, there is 100 stores participating in this hunt!! If you would like to start the hunt there is a list of stores and their hints here.

Hoodie – Razor/// St. Dixon Hoodie -Hood Down ///  @ Razor

Jeans – RONSEM* Straight Jeans / jetblack @ Ronsem

Hair – Boz-Hair @

Shoes – Razor/// Eraser Kicks ( not sure if these are around right now, I would check the main store) @ Razor


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