Death becomes you…


On  dark and windy night, when it was Halloween, I thought someone was following me but no one could be seen…  The air wisped around me and I tightened the collar to my jacket as I made my way past the old manor.  Stories were just that, stories but the gray-blue palor of the rotting lot was enough to unsettle even the bravest.

I have one last Halloween post in me and even though I’m two days late, well you’re getting it anyway.  As we mentioned before Full Moon Fini is hosting a photography contest that I among some talented friends will be judging.  The entries so far look amazing and the winner will have their picture posted here as well as win 1000 linden.  There will be second and third prize winners as well and there is still time to enter, so get there quick.  It’s Halloween themed and you can use any pose on the sim to create your spooky look.

I heard a raspy sound, a gurgle of words spoken almost in song.  My mind was soon swimming and I had to find the source of the chant, I knew it was high time to head home but my curiosity disobeyed my mind.  That’s when I saw it, or her.  The body of a lifeless girl fading in and out of the shadows.  Skin pale as alabaster, hair draping around her face like a raven feathered hood,  her lips were swollen and bruised and dark eyes sunken and smeared.  A list of attributes most terrifying, and they were, both terrifying and beautiful.

On an upbeat note: A Mean Girl’s Halloween clip; The hardcore girls just wear lingerie and some form of animal ears.


What Cait is wearing:

Skin: Corvus Gift Zara

Hair: Truth Mina

Ears: Tuty Lace bunny ears gift

Suit: Delish tie suit black

Boots: Blueberry sherlie boots

Poses: Something New

Sim: Finite Fini Haunted house

PicMonkey Collageghost


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