Ooh Man, Dig That Crazy Chick.

This post features my new shorts from another of my all time favourite stores, Razor.

These leather shorts and suspenders are super sexy and come with a hud that allows you to change the stripes on the shorts as well as the colour of the straps. They come with a fishnet stockings, a bikini top and include a lola’s tango applier.

Razor outfit collage

The outfit can be worn with or without the bikini top, as you can see I opted for some nipple tape. To complete my look I added my combat boots, full body tattoo, and necklace. I have a feeling I’ll be wearing this outfit quite a lot. 😉


Leather Outfit – Femme Fatale @ Razor

Tattoo – Shaula Unukalhai @ Letis Tatoo

Necklace – Adain Necklace @ Kosh

Boots – Triumph Boots @ GOS


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