When Autumn Leaves


Is anyone else having a lazy sunday?

It’s just way to cold outside for me to venture out today, a long hot summer has me quite spoiled when it comes to the cold temps.  Nothing like an early frost to bring the cold hard reality (pun intended) that winter is on its way.  I am not ready to give up my favorite season yet *pouty face*.  Luckily, it’s whatever temp I want in SL so I put together a look with some of my favorite items and headed over to the Neva River sim for a good old fashion fall foliage walk!

First off, this sim is lovely and so realistic, I used the region wind light for my pics as it gives a dusty fall glow to the scene,  there are tons of little nooks to explore, great poses and atmosphere and even on sim rentals.  When Mesh was new to the scene, i was reluctant at first, worrying that the items would affect my avis “figure” these Nora jeans from Mon Tissue were the first mesh jeans I bought and I LOVE them!  The texture is perfect and the butt is curvy and proportionate.  If Linden Labs told me I could access only 100 inventory items for my SLife this would be one of them.  I adore this slouchy tee from notsobad and it matched my favorite sneakers and new satchel just right.  I leave you with the epic and eerie voice of Miss Eva Cassidy ❤



What Cait is wearing:

Hair: Analog Dog Tantrum

Shirt: Not so bad Kate red/blue

Jeans: Mon tissue Nora skinny jeansmesh

Bag:.Olive. Carry me Satchel blue

Sneakers: U.F.O Margiella uttting sneakers mint

Sim: Neva River
PicMonkey Collageautumnnew


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