Shout out to Pumpkin Butts!


Hey Mooners,

I have been noticing jack-o-lanterns on people’s porches, in their  yards and by front doors this weekend.  The trick-o-treaters will have their path illuminated for the big costume night!  I have noticed that FMBS has been fantasy heavy lately, which is awesome but I figured I’d throw in a casual everyday look into the mix.  My autumn themed grid exploration continues and brought me to this classic sl sim; Pumpkin Town.   One of the longest run Autumn themed sims, this place has it right with the soft pink glow of the sky, scarecrows, cornstalks and Jackolanterns adorning the cobbled street.


I defiantly get shopping overload at fashion events and bite off more than I can chew.  I sometimes don’t have time to blog everything I’ve got before the event ends, so today i added some recent goodies from my last few attended sprees.  I am all about these pants this weekend and I have worn them for like 3 days on sl (not regular for me).  Everyone is all about the new mesh phat azz lately, but although it looks great on others, it just doesn’t really fit my shape, plus I wear  so much mesh clothing I just can’t justify the lindens.  My solution, a couple of pairs of these mesh jeans from Sabotage, they give me the apple bottom I want when I’m in the mood and I can still have my beloved mesh!  This Mon Tissue bag was one of my first purse purchases, a start of an era :p and be sure to check out these Kendra boots from EC available on market with 12 color changing options, I wear them all the time.  Oh and yes, yes I did go all cheesy on ya by adding T pain to the post 🙂


What Cait is wearing:

Hair: Clawtooth Windswept silent movie (Oct Collaber 88 Exclusive)

Headband: Pekka Leather heaband camo green (Candy Faire)

Top: Kyoot Atonement top

Jeans: Sabotage Eerie denim red

Shoes: EC Kendra Boots

Time piece: Essences wizarding pocket watch (Wizarding Fair Exclusive)

Poses: Marukin and Purple poses Diana

Sim: PumpkinTown

PicMonkey Collage town


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