I’m Like The Ringleader, I Call The Shots

For this post I decided to take a little trip to the circus. Dressed of course in my gorgeous dress from a brand new sponsor, Adoness.

No one likes having to wait for rides but it did give me a chance to show off my awesome hair. I just love the hairbase! The hair comes in a multitude of colours. My personal favourite is the lavender!

It’s hard to miss how amazingly the light catches my eyes as I look around for more to see. These eyes are an exclusive at the Body Mod Event and are simply gorgeous.


Well who knew, I could actually be IN the circus instead of just visiting! Guess I found my new career if this blogging thing doesn’t work out..lol!



Dress – europa : dress : algae by Adoness  @ Bitacora Travel Fair

Hair –  philippis: lavender by Adoness @ Body Modification Expo

Eyes – montium eyes: snow by Adoness @ Body Modification Expo


3 thoughts on “I’m Like The Ringleader, I Call The Shots

  1. we come and watch u what will it be a trapeses artist?? riding da eles ?? hehehehheeh those eyes are stunning and love the hair too xxxx

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