Naughty is Nice

Today’s post is featuring some more items from WS Creations. Above is the Captive Post. It has a number of sexy poses plus RLV capabilities. It is also texture change so that you can make it fit in with your decor.

Next is the slave cushion. This is a personal favourite. It has a bunch of different textures as well as poses for couples and singles. It also is RLV compatible which is quite fun 😉

Lastly there is the slave hud. It allows for the submissive to pose appropriately without having to rez any sort of furniture. I’ve featured three of the many poses in the picture above. It’s very well made and extremely easy to use.

All of the items featured in today’s post can be found at WS Creations. Click the logo below for a direct tp.

WS Front sign

I still have a limited amount of gift cards available to readers. For your chance to win one of these cards please join the *WS Creations* Star Clients group and then take a picture of yourself in the shop and send it to me, Jesica Homewood, inworld (full perms please). I’ll feature my favourite pictures here and present the winners with gift cards. Please have your entries submitted by  10/31/2013. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!


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