..::In the Arms::..


A light in the shadows,

 Visiting The Abandoned is a true experience.  A town that was once a prospering village  but has since been left completely abandoned, the air is thick with an eerie sense that something terrible took place here.  Spilled blood, haunted cries and dark shadows surround as you walk the fallen pathway.   Amid the presence of darkness, a fallen beauty touches down in prayer.  Hoping to rid the angst and betrayal from this place she weeps for the loss and begs for guidance.


This halo from RO was something I picked up at the previously blogged Body Mod Expo.  I liked the idea of switching up the classic dark vs light angels.  My fallen angel look is both and I have to admit I really liked the way these pictures turned out.  This soft, cropped, wavy hair is great and the entire fat pack is available on market for 60l from Laviere!  I am a weakling when it comes to high-waisted shorts and have had these for a while now, just love the color.  Oh and I had to reuse these spider rings from RO, the gemstones come with a hud with several options and they are a great  deal at 90l.



What Cait is wearing:

Hair: Laviere Joana faded ombre

Ear wings: RO Elysium ears

Halo:  RO Homemade Halo

Rings: RO Recluse

Top: Apple May Designs Hazel Cream

Shorts: Leezu Glitter pants Gold

Feet: Severed Garden Barefeet spring

Pose: A X i x group gift summer

Sim:  The Abandoned

PicMonkey Collage angel


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