Being good isn’t always easy

Kiss my tat Chest

So today I’m featuring a great tattoo by  Letis Tattoo called  ::All is Vanity::. Now i was just sponsored by her this week, she happened to see my post about her tattoo in one of my Body Mod Expo posts =). She messaged me and asked if I would like to be part of her blogger group, course I was so excited as this is my first sponsor! What a great way to start!!!

Kiss my tat

Now when she told me about her new tattoo, she told me it was made for a woman in mind. However I feel like it can be worn by a dude, dunno what do you think??

kiss my tat side

Now this is only one tattoo layer, which I really prefer as I wear allot of layers. Do you wear slink hands? Well the tattoo comes with a hud that will apply the tattoo over them. I haven’t tested this as I don’t wear slink hands, but that is a story for another day! However speaking of appliers she makes them for both “Phat Ass” and the “Lolas Tango” So head over to her store and check them all out, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Click the ad for the main store tp! ↴



2 thoughts on “Being good isn’t always easy

  1. It looks fab! My first thought when I saw your pics come across my dash were “Ooooh, is there girl version?” I think I may go snatch this up later today! Thank you for sharing ~xo

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